French is a major world language in the world. It is spoken as the first language in more than two dozen countries on five continents and it is an official language in 33 countries and many international organisations such as the United Nations and the European Union.

Australia and the French-speaking world have shared history since the first French explorers in Australia in the eighteenth century. These explorers were followed by prisoners, refugees and government officials who involved themselves in trade, commerce and agriculture. Today Australia and the French-speaking world share strong connections in trade, investment, research and education. France is a leading destination for Australian travelers and an increasing number of French young adults come to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa.

French has been taught in Australian schools and universities since the 1880s. The French program at Kororoit Creek has been developed as a transdisciplinary subject area within an IBO-PYP setting. All year levels will inquire to different aspects of the French culture and be exposed to the French language. The classroom teachers and the French teacher will work in a collegial manner to develop learning experiences to encourage Curiosity about worldwide languages and cultures.



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  1. Jett at |

    I love French

    1. Kaky Chen at |

      Hey guys,
      If you are interested in French please please come to French club every Tuesday at Lunch. THANK YOU!

      French captain: Kaky

    2. Vansh marwah at |

      I really like French

  2. kal0001kcps at |

    were you born in france liv from alannah in h30

  3. rut0004kcps at |

    french is so awesome!
    I love french!
    from Emily

    1. Heather at |

      Hi Emily that’s great -I love French too! Thanks for showing Enthusiasm while learning French.
      Au revoir,

    2. Sofia Etienne at |

      I agree

  4. Noah at |

    What does Bon appetite mean?

  5. Dantae h43 at |

    I love French and can you post more French videos they are so funny ha ha

  6. Noah at |

    What’s the most popular food in France?

  7. sahar at |

    I love french so much oliva i love the language the songs did you pick what class will be performing at assembelley for la classe commence an francis i love that song so much its so catchy i love it so so so so so so so so so much hahahahahahah
    by sahar from H36

  8. esp0001kcps at |

    I really like French, especially the videos that you put on the blog

    Joan H41

  9. PIA0001 at |

    Those videos are so funny! I really love them! They make me laugh sooooooo much!

  10. Ishmeet Singh at |

    French is a little bit hard

  11. Lillian at |

    I am in H18 and i love french it is so cool

  12. amelia at |

    Hi Heather,
    I think your the best french teacher ever I was very
    happy having you as my french teacher I really miss
    you from amelia

  13. Ridham at |

    Duolingo is the best

  14. Felicia at |

    Hi Olivia,

    Just wondering if you can help me with the French homework for Grade One please .. My son, he is in H03 and lost his username and password to login to the French homework site, so he wasn’t able to do his homework so far .. Can you please let me know on how to retrieve the username and password please so he can start doing his homework, too? Thank you!!

    Kind regards,

  15. Filip at |

    I love French!Marie story

  16. Atilla at |

    Duolingo is soooo fun some times when it’s not tooooooo hard

    [au revoir]

  17. Lakshya at |

    French is getting better each day

  18. sahar at |

    heather your the best and we have tommorow at french right well make sure you talk to liv about my duolingo.
    and also when will we be practicing french songs?
    anyway thanks for being the best french teacher its the end of the year and i dont know if i will have you next year as my french teacher:(
    anyway see you tommrorrow at french class:)
    love sahar H42xxxooo

  19. Dominic H22 at |

    Le français est génial! 😀 🙂 😮 🙁 B)

  20. Dominic H37 at |

    OMG c’est tellement bon!
    (OMG this is so good!)


    Imagine Dragons – Thunder – Cover by Aöme

  21. Dominic H37 at |

    Ceci est une bonne couverture de chanson pour Thunder

    Imagine Dragons – Thunder – Cover by Aöme


  22. Rohan.jain at |

    Yay French

  23. Pahal at |

    I love french

  24. Nevaan at |

    What is the most popular thing in France


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